Congratulatoins, Class of 2016!

Congratulations for making it through your years at the University of Illinois! Graduation is a special time, it marks the end of one period of your life, and the beginning of another. Your time here was precious, why not commemorate this time with photos to remember them by?

Standard Graduation Package: 

- 60 minute session, at the time of your choice (depending on availability, of course)

- Post-processed photos returned to you digitally within 7 days via my website 

-  I know classic locations on campus to shoot, and can walk you and your group through those, or you can specify locations that have more meaning to you/your group.

- Early Bird Pricing: the earlier you book your time, the lower your rate will be! Rates start at $80 and depend on the size of your group.

Extended Packages:

- If you would like to shoot off-campus (downtown Champaign and Urbana have great locations to shoot), let me know and I can plan accordingly

- Extra time, if necessary for larger groups